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New Tool by Accurate Sound: Hang Loose Convolver

Recently had the pleasure of trying out Accurate Sound's Hang Loose Convolver and the corresponding filter set that goes with my Raal SR-1 headphones as a way to achieve a flat EQ curve in my cans. It's been a month since first trying his software out and I don't think I can work without it at this point. The FIR convolution filters are impressive and allow me to make even smarter decisions mixing and mastering. Things translate really well in a variety of playback systems and my headphones are now oddly getting more use than both my speaker sets. 

Mitch Barnett is the guy behind Accurate Sound and can't thank him enough for working with me to get a version of the software that works with Pro Tools. At first the only way to utilize the filter set for my headphones was to use metaplugin to route things within Pro Tools and it was a bit of a headache. Mitch mentioned that he could build a plugin for Pro Tools and I thought it would take weeks but a day or two later he had something for me to try out which worked flawlessly (which he's now selling on the site).

I highly encourage my fellow engineers to check out HLC and Accurate Sound. There are a bunch of high end headphone filter sets which you can buy with the HLC including curves for Audeze models. There's a trial period to check things out too. OK nerd rant over.

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