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Red Vault Audio is a diverse audio production house specializing in the sonic creation and enhancement of music and media. We work with labels, musicians, videographers, agencies and various other businesses to bring their audio to life and strengthen their message. We have over 20 years of experience, happy clients and a strong commitment to exceed expectations of what's aurally possible. Try us out, we’d love to work with you on your next project.

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Red Vault Audio-Recording Studio in Maine-Mastering, Mixing, Audio Sweetening

Hi, I'm Pete and I'm the owner and engineer here at Red Vault Audio. I've always been involved in a wide range of audio related fields and share an equal passion for the creative as well as technological side of the business. I'm a musician, problem solver and critical listener committed to strengthening sound formats and the emotional impact they have on an audience.

I graduated from Skidmore College with a degree in music technology, performance and composition and shortly thereafter started the business in an old farmhouse in Freeport, Maine. After some success, I eventually quit my day job to try and see if I could do it full time and thankfully I'm still at it today. The longevity of Red Vault Audio has been due to a number of things but our diverse clientelle over the years has taught me the importance of being versatile and well rounded in as many aspects of the audio production world as I can. I've been extremely lucky to work with so many creative people in my career and it's only strengthened my ability to communicate effectively with the client, hear their direction and get to where the project needs to be sonically.

In addition to pushing buttons, I'm a multi-instrumentalist and produce music on a custom level for specific clients but also compose and sell music through the online stock music site, My primary instrument is guitar and I have been playing for over 25 years. I also currently play in several bands here in Portland, Maine.






United Nations


1800 Tequila

LL Bean




Nettwerk Music Group

Bomber Records



Chadwick Stokes

Brooke Annibale

Kalie Shorr

Pete Kilpatrick Band

Connor Garvey

The Jason Spoooner Band


Katie Matzell Fredrick

Max García Conover

Pearson Education

The VIA Agency

The Rove Lab

Timber & Frame


Black Math

Saltwater Creative




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