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Red Vault Audio is a full service audio house located in South Portland, Maine specializing in creating and enhancing audio for musicians + businesses.

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I'm Pete Morse. I set up Red Vault as a high end one stop shop for all things audio. I'm deeply involved in the creation of music both artistically and technically and strive to present it in a way that has an emotional impact on the listener. I also love to bring prerecorded audio to a new sonic level to strengthen it's message and to make ears happy.



Red Vault's mission is simple, to take your audio to the next level. Whether you're working with music or video, we can help to make your audio come to life. Additionally, we compose and produce music, sound design and record Voice Over for all types of media. Think of us as the Swiss army knife for all your audio applications.

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Projects & Clients

Nettwerk Music Group
Chadwick Stokes
Ryan Miller
Kalie Shorr
The Pete Kilpatrick Band
Connor Garvey
Putnam Smith
Max Garcîa Conover
The VIA Agency
1800 Tequila
Joe Bornstein
Timber & Frame
United Nations
Maine Medical Center
Pearson Education
Stonewall Kitchen
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I’ve had the opportunity to work with Pete Morse on a number of projects and have found him to be a very talented engineer who consistently creates clear, tasteful and artistic mixes. I look forward to his projects because I know I’m going to have really excellent quality mixes to work with, which of course makes all the difference.
— Jeff Lipton, Peerless Mastering
Pete’s mixes are awesome, really, really great. When those necessary stars align, the energy of the songs really come through and I forget about any technical stuff and just enjoy the music.
— JJ Golden, Golden Mastering
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Not sure if our services are for you? Reach out to see what is possible. We can work with you before a project begins to ensure we're the right fit.
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Thanks for your amazing work, attention to detail, and dedication to all the projects we’ve done together. It’s really a pleasure to get such awesome sounding mixes from one project to the next.
— Nicky Rheaume, Nettwerk Management Group (Guster, fun.,Dispatch, State Radio)
Working with Pete at Red Vault has made a tremendous impact on the trajectory of my musical career. When someone with such dedication, attention to detail and artistic intuition guides a project not only is it felt in the work he puts into the project but it makes others involved rise to a higher level. I’ve worked with very few people in this world who have the ethic and determination to do a project right as much as Pete does. He comes to audio projects with focus and determination to do right like a seasoned boat-builder. Many can get a boat to float but it is in the details that beauty is made. All of this can be said for his attention to the PEOPLE involved in the project as well. Simply put, Pete brings out the best in what and who he works with.
— Connor Garvey, Singer/Songwriter