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Red Vault Audio

Headphones for critical listening

Effective Storytelling Relies on Great Sound

Red Vault is a high end audio post production studio specializing in enhancing audio for music and media.  From building immersive sound design for film and TV to mixing or mastering your next record, we are audio aficionados who strive to make our clients sound great. We have a ton of experience, premium tools and most importantly, happy clients. 


Years of Experience


Projects Completed


Audio Alchemist

Pete has a unique ability to curate a sonic experience for our video post-production needs. Having the technical know-how is one thing (and he has that in spades!), but having the creative taste to truly make something memorable is a valuable talent. He is also responsive, focused, communicative, and efficient. I highly recommend Red Vault for all of your video sound design, mixing or mastering needs.

Morgan Myer - Co-Founding Partner @ p3


Sound Design / Mix Work

Here are a few short form videos we've been fortunate enough to sound design and mix. It's a great honor to be part of the creative team for each one of these projects.

Swarovski Varsity 'Stronger'
Sonos 'The Future of Listening'
Zenni 'Making Moves'
Lewis Rossignol 'Insuppressible'
Spotify 'Showcase Assembly'

Audio Services

Audio Post Production, sound speaker


We are a full service audio post-production studio helping clients build and improve their audio. From short and long form video, film, TV, radio + podcasts, we make sure your project sounds perfect.

Voice Over Recording Microphone


We manage a voiceover team throughout the US and can find you the perfect voice. We are setup for recoding in house or remotely via Source Connect. 

Sound Design, Audio Waveform


With extensive Sound Design Libraries and the ability to create our own sounds in house, we build engaging soundscapes to place you in the middle of the action.

Audio Spectrum Analyser


As active musicians we'd love to create music for your next project. We also write for where you can find some of our music online.

Sound Mixing Board


Mixing and Mastering music is one of our passions. We take your existing songs and simply make them sound better. Let us show you what we can do for your music.

Pro Audio Speaker


In addition to stereo we are equipped with an Atmos 7.1.4 system  tuned and certified by Dolby Labs offering mixing for a variety of formats.


Ever since I heard Pink Floyd's 'Learning to Fly' I knew I wanted to play guitar and make music. From 4-track cassette tape machines to the first digital audio recorders I learned to document my ideas while falling in love with the process. I always wanted to make my recordings sound the best they possibly could and that mindset hasn't changed much through the years.

I started Red Vault with the hope of turning my passion into a profession and almost 20 years later I continue to follow that dream. I bring 150% to every project and am obsessed with inspiring my audience with the type of listening experience that makes the hair on your arms stick straight up. Trusted by some of the biggest brands, hottest agencies and coolest bands, my passion is to use sound to help strengthen storylines transcending emotional impact. Let's work together.

Hi, I'm Pete Morse and I'm the owner and creative at Red Vault Audio.

Pete Morse, the owner and audio post production creative at Red Vault Audio
Music Apps

Clients we've worked with

Red Vault Audio Control Room
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Let's Work Together!

Please don't be shy and reach out if you'd like to collaborate, talk shop or discuss how we can help

Red Vault Audio

Hours  :  Mon-Fri 9:00 - 5:00

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